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Industrial & Construction

No matter your needs want one or two security officers or multi-state areas, KingsGuard has the complete information and required experience to decrease your possible loses utilizing a customized plan to safeguard your assets as well as make sure you are in compliance with any federal or provincial safety standards.

Workplaces that incorporate heavy machinery, industrial tools, and hazardous open sites require protection against theft, vandalism, and trespassing for the safety of workplace employees as well as the local community. And as products and processes keep on developing, manufacturing and distributing, a highly professional level of security arrangement, prevention and protection are needed. KingsGuard assesses workplaces and provides site-relevant security solutions to client satisfaction.

Security starts at the perimeter to prevent unauthorized entry. From detecting suspicious activity at a chemical plant or unlawful entry at an airline hangar, intrusion detection, and perimeter security help proactively identify threats before they escalate.

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