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Security is probably one of the major concerns for many organizations around the world. With so many break-ins and cases of theft occurring, it is a major issue to deal with. As a brand owner, having the necessary tools to ensure the safety of your clients, staffs, and properties are detrimental to the growth of your business. Increasingly, the use of CCTV has become widespread globally. Although this choice has been beneficial to many companies, utilizing it alongside a remote monitoring service is far more promising. A live remote monitoring service essentially entails cameras monitoring a user’s site.


Monitoring your site with the live remote monitoring system is super easy because it works with the CCTV. Basically, immediately you power on your CCTV, it comes on as well.


A very vital feature of the live remote monitoring service is its intelligent video analytics. The live remote service quickly detects movement on the screen via your camera image.


Moveable Cameras Moveable cameras help with easy detection of intruders. However, the fact that it is remote controlled takes it up a notch. You can view any angle of your camera hassle-free.



The live remote monitoring system comes with audio warning alerts, which works via an external audio system.

Here’s exactly how the live remote monitoring service works;

  • The images from your CCTV screen are transmitted to the screens of the external monitoring station. With the advent of any breach or emergency, there will be security personnel waiting to take control of the situation.

  • The live remote monitoring service gives you the option of having your site monitored all hours of the day, or only during working hours.

  • The software used alerts security personnel immediately there is an emergency of any kind.

  • The personnel can then carry out a thorough search to ascertain what the problem might be. They can easily zoom in and inspect the feed for a better view.

Also, integration capabilities allow you to streamline alongside other building services. It also helps in tracking the movement of the potential intruder.

With the live remote monitoring service, you can secure your entire organizations with ease. Also, what’s great is the fact that all of the security personnel are certified professionals that can take control of any situation at any time.  Ultimately, utilizing this service alongside CCTV cameras is far more beneficial to your business. If you’re looking to have the best live remote monitoring service installed in your premises, then search no more. KingsGuard Security specializes in providing all services pertaining to security. Choosing to work with Kingsguard Security assures you of only the best services and your money’s worth. Be sure to contact us, as we would love to work with you.

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