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Residential & Condominum

Protection of your abode is a cutting-edge defense and hindrance as either part of an insurance security, or as an independent service. Nobody should feel in danger or powerless in their own home, yet tragically, riches or fame draws in a specific level of threat.

Our homes are private spaces that we make comfortable and safe for our families and ourselves. KingsGuard recognizes the importance of safeguarding residential facilities in a manner that promotes peaceful neighbourhoods and builds community strength.

We provide:

  • Relevant and updated methods of securing communities and homes

  • Remote and Patrol Surveillance including Around the Clock Service

  • Uniformed and fully equipped Security Staff

  • The positive impact that is respectful of and sensitive to the needs of diverse communities

  • Supportive and approachable guards trained in preventative risk management

  • Security Plans specific to the location including Apartment Buildings, Condominiums, Individual Home Owners and Residential Complexes.

  • Pre-Delivery inspection

  • Concierge

We have prepared the security guards for professionalism, respect, Courtesy, and Customer Service. We keep on supervising our guards at ordinary interims for giving quality consistently.

Home Security is fundamental these days and it requires particular services with personalized preparing. KingsGuard takes consistent feedback from the employer as well as updates its guards with respect to behaviour, Quality Control, and vigilance.

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