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About Us

KingsGuard is people-oriented. We work to have an incomparable presence in our service communities as well as our staff community. Whether in the field or at the office, we believe in building relationships, strengthening communities and providing safety. We are dedicated to customer service and honour the responsibility of trust. Through teamwork and integrity, KingsGuard focuses on creating positive experiences for all affiliated parties.  


At KingsGuard we place emphasis on integrative security solutions that are tailored to suit individual clients' needs. As a company, we adhere to high standards of operation in accordance with Ontario legislation. We are committed to best serving our clients and employees as well as our communities.

KingsGuard provides trained Security Personnel briefed to meet specific customer requirements. Our patrols operate vehicles and guards are uniformed and equipped to ensure a secure environment whether recreational or commercial. Our services can be customized to fit with the objectives of your organization driven and delivered by experienced professionals to achieve quality results at a cost-effective value. We follow the systematic planning and procedures for the services we provide.

Our perspective has dependably been that to equip our clients with the best Security Services in the industry and emphasize on outstanding customer services. When you combine our perseverance to endow great services with our cutting-edge innovation, you can rest guaranteed that your homes just as your business places are ensured with the peace of mind you deserve!

Look at the work we are providing in your community. 

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